Making springs

The rise of Greerton Springworx

The springmakers that today call themselves Greerton Springworx have been in Tauranga for more than 60 years. During the 1950’s the business was called Smith Springs, and since then has moved from near the city centre to Barkes Corner and then to Maleme Street where it was situated for the last 25 years. Greerton Springworx have loyal customers that have been returning for many years.

Greerton Springworx are the only business in Tauranga that manufactures leaf and coil springs. There are only 7 businesses in the whole of New Zealand that do leaf manufacturing as well so Greerton Springworx is in a pretty unique group.

Peter Anderson is the owner of Greerton Springworx and has spent his entire working life in the steel business. Peter’s diverse background means he is not only able to provide an incredibly competent and skilled service with springs but that he can effectively do almost anything engineering related as well. Peter has more than twenty years trade experience in Engineering that ranges from marine, structural, heavy transport, processing, agricultural, fertilizer plants, design and build and more. Peter is very passionate about his business and dedicated to customer satisfaction.

6 values of Greerton Springworx

1. Quality Work.
We will do our very best with every job that comes through our workshop utilising every ounce of industry experience and knowledge we have.
2. Happy Customers.
We desire each of our customers to leave the workshop satisfied that they have had great service and the problem that existed with their springs is resolved.
3. Speed of Service.
We can reset springs the same day and complete more intensive jobs as soon as possible so our customers can be on their way again.
4. Friendly and Personable.
We want to get on well with every customer and use language that they can understand!
5. Advice.
We will give advice as to the best solutions available and what customers should look out for.
6. We value our customers and will always do our best to keep the good old traditional values of a Kiwi business alive and well at Greerton Springworx.