Making springs

Do you have a car, small truck, van, ute, boat trailer, caravan, moterhome or campervan?

If you do then we want to have a look at your springs and check if your vehicle is sitting right. Your springs may be broken or starting to sag so it makes sense to get them assessed now. Here are the services we can provide for you...

Reset Springs: One of the most common things we do is reset springs (leaf and coil). They may be a little old and starting to sag. We will reset them to get your vehicle sitting correctly and have you on the road again in no time.

Repair Springs: Springs can snap, break and rust out (especially boat trailers). If your springs are broken or rusted we can fix or replace them and then correct the loading.

Make Springs: We manufacture in-house our own leaf springs so if your vehicle is in need of some new ones we will get that organised for you.

What Other Springs Do we Do:
We can manufacture or supply most types of springs. Some examples are coils for vending machines, obsolete hydraulic valve springs, small door handle springs, spring clips to hold the hubcaps on a Ford jailbar. We can custom make small coil springs for almost any application.
Call in and see us at the workshop and we can discuss your requirements.

Torsion / Sway Bars:
We can make torsion or sway bars to suit and have made them in material up to 45mm diameter.

Furnace: Our furnace reaches temperatures of around 1000°C and is used to heat spring steel for shaping before it is quenched in the oil bath, and then tempered to give it that ‘spring’ quality.

U-bolts: We can make u-bolts to suit your application from 8mm to 32mm diameter bars and a range of threads, metric and imperial.

Miscellaneous: As we are specialist steel workers we have often had customers approach us for things a little out of the ordinary. For example, we have club members of a medieval sword club that use our steel for their swords, and get us to do the heat treatment.

Engineering Work Greerton Springworx don’t just do springs. We are also a general Engineering workshop and offer welding and fabrication, lathe and mill work. We have a thread cutting machine and a large hydraulic press. Greerton Engineering also make truck tiedown hook and screw anchors, and have Auto CAD for design work.

For any project you are working on, give us a call or drop into the workshop to discuss how we can assist you.